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Its always exciting to look at the mid-range for any platform/generation, and even more so when a model comes along that mixes a good blend of features with performance for a reasonable price-tag, were onto a winner.

Taking PRO purely on its layout and design, we have in our hands quite a unique look. Some would argue the contrast is gaudy but we feel it sets itself apart from the competition and presents something special. RGB is kept to an absolute minimum, which, depending on your stance could be a good or a bad thing.

Given the attractive price point of GBP 289 | USD $329 | AUD $579, PRO comes with a generous assortment of features which should satisfy the vast majority of users. There are a whopping 13 USB ports on the back panel, 4x PCI Express Gen4 M.2s and a dedicated PCI Express 5.0 X16 slot.

There are only a few downsides which point to the inclusion of USB 2.0 why we are getting these ports on such a board and in such volume is frustrating. It would have been nice to occupy the precious space with faster USB. PRO comes with WiFi functionality, but it offers WiFi 6 and not WiFi 6E (which most other boards supply).

Pitting PRO against its foes, it does an admirable job and the overclocking prowess is something to be happy about. We managed to push our 12900K to a 5.1GHz all-core overclock.

PRO is a board which covers all bases and comes in at a very reasonable price-tag. This one should be on your shortlist!

+ Impressive styling & design
+ Good value for money
+ Solid VRM configuration
+ Overclocks easily
+ Performs very well
+ Massive selection of ports on back panel
+ All PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots
+ PCIe 5.0 X16 slot
+ Up to 8 fan headers

- Still being supplied with USB 2.0 ports

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