HIS R9 280X IceQ x2 Turbo Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅22-12-13
The HIS R9 280X ICEQ x2 Turbo is a good card of that there can be no doubting. It sits directly between both the ASUS and GIGABYTE models we reviewed previously when overclocked and exchanges blows with both cards in standard form despite being a little lower clocked with the ASUS running at 1070MHz and the GIGABYTE at 1100MHz. The card just manages to cool better than the GIGABYTE card which is no easy feat which goes some way to concreting the HIS ICEQ cooler as one of the best custom coolers currently available. It also looks the business too thanks to the redesigned cooling shroud.

So, it’s all positive then? Well not quite. While it is cool, quiet and performs well, at £299 it is one of the more expensive R9 280X models available. Were it also one of the highest clocked out of the factory it could justify this high price tag but as it stands we believe there are better cards on the market at this price point, namely an overclocked 4GB NVIDIA GTX770. While you would be hard pushed to put a cigarette paper between both cards, pitch an overclocked 4GB GTX770 vs. a mediocre clocked R9 280X and the NVIDIA card would average out a little faster.

That isn't to say the HIS isn't worthy of consideration because it clearly is, especially if you can buy one on a 'this week only deal' with a special discount. As it stands though, it needs a little price reduction before we could thoroughly recommend it above all other options available.

To summarise:
With a moderate factory overclock and a high performing ICEQ x2 cooling design, the HIS is a card worthy of your consideration. That is if you don't mind paying a little extra for such luxuries.

+ Best in class cooling design
+ Very quiet
+ Factory overclocked
+ Vast improvement over old design

- Based on 'old' tech
- Blue PCB

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