HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-10-17
The Cloud Alpha solidifies HyperX's position as the go-to brand for high-quality gaming audio. This headset pretty much knocks that out the park. We love that this headset is now fully modular, and every aspect of this headset reaches a very high standard. The dual chamber design, does wonders in regards to improving the audio quality of the Cloud Alpha, rendering sound with excellent precision.

We have overlooked a few things, including our preference for on-board volume/microphone mute controls, desire for a slightly more pronounced bass, but there are a few things that we observed that set the Cloud Alpha back a little from receiving our highest acclaim. Firstly, the slightly smaller ear-pads only 'JUST' fit around my 'average ears', and if you end up getting them pinned (semi-supra-aural??), it can cause some discomfort. So those with larger ears may very well want to avoid this headset. HOWEVER, when the Cloud Alpha is positioned correctly, it is amongst the most comfortable headsets out there. This feels almost like a design error, made in the name of cutting down size/weight, but at what cost? And while we can certainly say that the Cloud Alpha matches/surpasses the 'Cloud' headset in every way, and so as a successor, the Alpha is entirely worthy of replacing the older Cloud headset. Though at 99, the Alpha merely matches the 99 Cloud Revolver in most aspects, with the Alpha having the lighter weight and sleeker 'gong free' design, while the Revolver has significantly superior audio quality and larger ear-cups for a better fit.

For the perfect HyperX headset, I would suggest mashing the Cloud Alpha with the Cloud Revolver, using the Revolver ear-cups/drivers (allow for easily removable ear-pads and tone down the exuberant design to reduce weight), then attach them to the sleeker frame/headband of the Cloud Alpha. Take it through the process of weight reduction (maybe remove some foam from the headband) et voila.

Despite sounding a little disappointed in the above comments, maybe we expected too much from the Cloud Alpha? The reality is, the Cloud Alpha is a fantastic headset and will easily carve out its own following. We simply can't help but feel that it is a half-step sideways when compared to the Cloud Revolver. For many, the sleeker design and the removable ear-pads alone may be enough to sway them more towards the Cloud Alpha as their go-to headset. Either way, between the Cloud Alpha or Revolver, you will be getting a seriously good headset.

You can trust HyperX to provide you with a high-quality headset with rich, detailed audio and lasting comfort.

+ High quality construction
+ Attractive finish
+ High quality, precise audio
+ Comfortable
+ Fully modular cables/removable microphone
+ Includes carry/storage bag

- Price
- No spare ear-pads
- Only available in black/red
- Ear pads could be larger

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