INNO3D GTX 1660 Twin X2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-19

The GTX 1660 Ti came with quite a surprise earlier this month, but the arrival of GTX 1660 was certainly more foreseeable. Aiming squarely at 1080p, is this new GPU a better value for money solution to go with?

Let us start by saying that INNO3D are known for supplying more affordable options compared to key NVIDIA rivals and the Twin X2 is no exception. This card comes in at the base MSRP of £199 GBP / $219 USD. For that price you get a graphics card which is as basic as they come, there are no supplementary features nor is there a factory overclock, however do receive a capable custom thermal solution.

The double-fan cooler on this graphics card will keep GPU temperatures within the realms of ‘safe’, while giving enough headroom to nudge up the frequencies too. What is most impressive about the cooler is the low-noise properties which present us with no disruptive drones or whirs. Furthermore, under idle usage the fans will stop spinning to achieve silence.

Putting Twin X2 into some of the latest gaming highlights prowess, specifically in the 1080p area. This graphics card has no problems in handling the latest games with the detail maxed out and 1440p is also an option, but we would suggest dropping the detail down to tap into playable framerates.

The benefit to buying such a GPU like this (based on the low-cost) is the ability to apply a manual overclock – moving the frequencies beyond that of pre-clocked models which cost considerably more. We can confirm that Twin X2 is able to sustain a decent overclock, which, in turn will translate to extra performance in-game.

Looking to replace an aging entry-level GPU? The GTX 1660 Twin X2 from INNO3D is a great route to take!

+ Neutral design without RGB
+ Compact design suited for Mini-ITX
+ Low-noise cooler
+ Excellent 1080p performance
+ Good value for money
+ Overclocks well

- No backplate
- Cheap looking shroud

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