iStorage Disk Ashur Pro2 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅15-02-19
So, I think it goes without saying that the benchmark results, while present, can pretty much be ignored. This drive hasn’t been designed with speed in mind, in fact, it was probably so far down their list of priorities that it doesn’t even make the first page; regardless of that, we went ahead and tested it anyway. It can’t compare to the SSDs we test, mainly because of the ever-present fact of it being a hard drive, but the USB interface won’t help either.

The build quality, as we touched on when unboxing it, is fantastic. The drive has a bit of heft to it, with an all-metal front and back with a tough rubber edging. The keys are lovely and clicky, with their epoxy coating to prevent wear and the built-in USB cable tucks away perfectly and securely. We can’t fault the design at all, it perfectly fits the overall appeal of the device.

Moving onto the actual purpose of this drive, the security. While we’re not outfitted, not by a long shot, to thoroughly test the security aspects of this drive, we can fully appreciate the testing procedure that has gone into making sure the data inside is as safe as it can possibly be. While doing research on what the different accreditations actually meant and how they impact things, we’ve truly begun to understand just how important data can be to some people, which moves us onto the final point.

The price, which, at £270 for a 1TB HDD, is about 6 times the price of anything from reputable brands of the same capacity, but, if you had plans for a product or passwords to bank accounts, ensuring that they remain secure and inaccessible can far outweigh the cost of the drive, many times over, so the value of the drive has to take into account what you will put onto it. If you’re looking for a Steam library to take round to a friends, this doesn’t make any sense, but if you’re transporting something like Bitcoins, perhaps it will. The value is whatever you put on the data inside, instead of the device itself.

Our only suggestion, if we had to make one, would be to buy the SSD model instead, while it’s more expensive, it should offer better drop protection than a traditional HDD.

If you require absolute security in a classy and solid chassis, we can’t see any other sensible option.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Thorough and extensive encryption and data security
+ Easy to use
+ Included USB cable
+ Wide range of capacities available

+- SSD model is probably more suitable

- Costly as a drive (the value is on your data)

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