Kingston 10th Anniversary HyperX 16GB 2133MHz DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-03-13

Celebrating their 10th anniversary Kingston would have done better utilising their Beast kit which was phenomenal and thus worthy of an example of how far Kingston have come over the past decade. Instead what we get is a run-of-the-mill, every day kit that is neither special nor extraordinary. It is a kit that will serve users well and to that end it has to be said that it isn't a bad kit it's just we were expecting something better. One of Kingston's major competitors celebrated their anniversary with a fantastic kit that had amazing overclocking results and while the Kingston kit also had some gas left in the tank, it needed a lot of coercing to extract that extra performance.

The aesthetics of the kit is unobtrusive and thanks to the silver detailing does look a little bit special. It should also stand out in any PC mainboard as there are not that many silver coloured kits on the market today. We also were grateful for the low profile heatsinks which should make the kit popular in today's large heatsink dominated market. However, the green PCB spoils the overall theme and would look infinitely better with a black PCB. It's the little details that separate a good kit from an excellent one.

Performance, like its looks, was good but could be better. We liked that Kingston had 2 X.M.P profiles to choose from giving us a little versatility however 99% of enthusiasts will be choosing the higher speeds and possibly overclocking the ram higher than standard spec so the additional X.M.P profile only serves as a safety not should your IMC not be up to the task of running such fast memory.

The memory kit is competitive though which stands it in good favour, matching the price its own HyperX 'Genesis' kit of the same speed and comparable kits from other manufacturers. Memory prices fluctuate all the time but at the time of writing we expect to pay around the 85 mark for a kit of this calibre.

Overall, we found the Kingston 10th Anniversary kit to be good but not up to our high expectations. We wanted more from a kit that represents one of the biggest names in the business and while there was nothing wrong with the kit, it didn't set our pulses racing nor break any technological barriers.

+ Low Profile
+ Good looking heatsinks
+ 2 X.M.P profiles
+ Lifetime Warranty
+ Fair price point

- Green PCB
- Average performance

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