Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-08-11

With the introduction of SATA3 it has paved the way for price-drops on SATA2 SSDs, in many cases allowing you to invest in an SSD for less than £1 per GB Ė but those who demand the best transfer speeds 200MB/s just isnít enough. SATA3 brings in superior transfer rates, although as a result this will cost you considerably more.

Kingstonís patience and fortitude has certainly paid off with the HyperX SSD it clearly showed its leadership with not only the SATA2 SSDs we have tested but also the OCZ Agility 3 that uses the same SATA3 interface and Sandforce controller. In almost every benchmark we reported a superior drive in the HyperX over the Agility 3.

Itís immediately obvious from the benchmark results that the HyperX offers astounding performance transfer rates across the board. The Windows 7 boot-up time was also an impressive feat

The one aspect that may well leave consumers with a bitter taste in their mouth is the street price. The HyperX will cost you around £200 for the 120GB model whilst the 240GB model will cost around the £400 mark. The average consumer will still be satisfied with SATA2 transfer rates but those who class themselves as an enthusiast, demanding the best and settling for nothing less then the HyperX is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

The bottom line is: Kingstonís new HyperX SSDs are blisteringly fast and come with an attractive, useful upgrade kit Ė if you want the best itís right here!

+ Looks great
+ Extremely fast transfer rates
+ TRIM support
+ Very useful upgrade kit

- Cost

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