Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-01-15

In our review of the original HyperX Cloud we really scraped around for some weak points, again with the Cloud II we find outselves in the same conundrum. Though there are differences worth noting. Firstly, we remind ourselves that this is a gaming headset, so must be considered as such. The Cloud is exceptionally good, capable of satisfying the gamer and audiophile alike, however, in the gamers world, the Cloud II pinpoints and addresses gamers more precisely. Many gamers forego the cost of a dedicated soundcard which can be for various reasons such as simply not being able to afford the 'luxury', 'belief' that is no need for one, or simply are apathetic towards it.

USB headsets really bring the best of both worlds into the light, improved audio processing over an integrated solution that allows for better quality input (yes it effects microphone quality too, a fact that many people seem to forget) and output. As it is semi-modular headset with a native 4-pole 3.5mm jack, this ensures hassle free versitility with current generation games consoles and mobiles while, should you really wish, you can get an adaptor to use it with your discrete soundcard or desktop amplifier.

The Cloud II didn't remain static as a product either, the microphone is, subjectively, improved over the original Cloud, and the aesthetics are mindblowingly gorgeous being available in gunmetal, red or the limited edition white/pink. It is at this point where we again draw upon previously made conclusions from the impressive QPad QH-90 and Cloud headsets, using terms such as excellent and kickass, but by doing so, it becomes difficult to remain objective. To do so, I simply have to mention that the contruction, aesthetic, comfort and sound quality matches the luxury of the packaging, as far as gaming audio goes, it is a must have for gamers.

The only real downside to the Cloud II I can pluck at is that at 75, for those already with a discrete soundcard, you may as well get the Cloud as it would represent better value.

The HyperX Cloud II floats in like a fluffy slice of audio heaven that caters for all gamers.

+ 53mm drivers
+ Excellent sound balance
+ Very comfortable
+ Quality construction
+ Attractive design available in gunmetal/red or limited edition white/pink
+ Included USB Soundcard w/ v7.1 rendering
+ Removable microphone
+ Choice of leather or velour earpads
+ Native 4-pole jack allows for versatility
+ Price

- None!

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