Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅19-11-12
The Kingston HyperX Predator kit performs as it should at stock and presented no issues being compatible with our test setup. It certainly looks the business with those massive heatsinks but herein lays a couple of problems.

Primarily, getting the heatsinks to fit into your system with anything much bigger than a reference Intel heatsink will prove troublesome. If you intend on using them with something like Noctua D14 or Thermalright SB-E extreme air cooling designs then forget it - they simply won't fit underneath. For watercooling this obviously isn't an issue so if looks are what you want then you will certainly be hard pushed to find a better looking kit than these.

Our other issue is also connected with the tall heatsinks. When the kit does not overclock to extreme levels one has to ask why such tall heatsinks are required. There are kits out there with low profile heatsinks that appear to run fine even at higher frequencies than the overclock we achieved with the Predator kit. Unless you are pumping masses of voltage through the modules they are unlikely to burn themselves out, most likely the cause of damage would be from electron migration which no heatsink will be able to defend. Sure, they look fantastic but other than aesthetics, I fear they are overkill, especially with the limited overclocking results we achieved today.

Overall though the Kingston HyperX Predator performed well against our other 1866MHz kits and did provide some overclocking headroom. The kits is one of the best, if not the best looking X79 memory kit available. Furthermore, with a wide variety of choice not only for most Intel chipsets but also AMD, Kingston should be congratulated for releasing such a good range of quality, high performance memory.

Our only regret is that the overclocking performance could not match the towering height of those magnificent blue heatsinks on this occasion.

+ Fantastic looking memory kit
+ Some overclocking headroom
+ Fair price point

- VERY tall heatsinks may limit CPU heatsink selection
- Green PCB

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