Lexar SL100 Pro & SL200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-08-20

Portable storage is a much-needed thing for those who need to access their data on-the-go and adding in the reliability and performance of an SSD only works to improving the entire experience.

Both of Lexar’s portable SSDs that we’ve been examining today are small, lightweight and utilise the same interface – USB Type-C. There is however a huge difference in performance between the SL100 Pro and SL200. The latter appears to operate at SATA-based SSD transfer rates, whereas the SL100 Pro takes full advantage of Type-C by ramping up to transfer speeds which in some cases exceed 950MB/s.

Sequential read/write performance on both drives are very good, but IOPS performance against the competition does see Lexar fall behind. For drives of this nature and their typical usage (hosting data) IOPS won’t be that critical.

In the last few years its become commonplace for portable SSDs to be used with mirrorless cameras like the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K – because they rely on external storage. Recording directly from a camera at 4K 10bit is especially demanding but with the transfer rates being offered by the SL100 Pro, it is more than adequate for such a purpose.

Pricing between the SL100 Pro and SL200 isn’t that dissimilar. In fact, in some cases the SL100 Pro is just $10 extra for comparable capacity. The SL100 Pro 1TB Model is UK: £195 GBP | US: $169 USD, while the SL200 is UK: £174 GBP | US: $159 USD. So the obvious choice would be to obtain the faster SL100 Pro, It’s just unfortunate we aren’t able to obtain this drive in capacities beyond 1TB.

Lexar’s portable SSDs (SL100 Pro and SL200) offer outstanding performance for those on-the-go. The SL100 Pro in particular was able to climb above the performance offered by rival Samsung offerings!

+ Excellent performance
+ Easy to transport
+ Reasonably priced
+ Two cables supplied
+ 256-bit AES encryption

- SL100 Pro maximum capacity 1TB
- Cables are quite short

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