Lexar Workflow DD512 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅11-01-15

It's difficult to place the Lexar Workflow DD512. On the one hand it is a little slower than your average SSD. While we weren't expecting ultra performance from this product we were however hoping for performance akin to an SSD given that it takes advantage of this technology. On this front the 512DD doesn't deliver. Speeds you can expect are 350-400MB/s read with write speeds maxing out around the 240MB/s mark. It is however very close to those SSD speeds and much, much faster than a regular, mechanical hard drive. More to the point it is portable. Without the USB cable one could easily fit this in your pocket and as such lugging around slower, bulkier external devices will be a thing of the past.

You can expect to pay 150 for one of these drives which is roughly the same as an SSD of the same capacity making the DD512 good value for money. While we didn't test power consumption we do not expect it to have a massive effect on notebook battery life given that this device is in effect an SSD and with that comes low power consumption.

Commending the DD512 with our creative award was easy as it is well deserved due to the innovative design. It can be used alone or as part of a bigger 'Workflow' system. IF you are looking for a speedy, lightweight, portable external storage solution we think you would be foolish not to consider the Lexar Workflow DD512 because there are few other devices that offer the same benefits.

In summary:
Fast, portable and a no-nonsense setup makes it a excellent choice for portable external data storage.

+ Fast
+ Portable
+ 2 year warranty
+ small footprint

- Not quite as fast as a regular SSD
- USB cable adds unwanted bulk

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