Logitech G513 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-07-18
We were blown away by the RGB LEDs, by their bright colours, vast array of effects and almost total lack of light bleed, even in a pitch-black room. Sticking the LED in the centre is certainly the way forwards as far as we’re concerned.

Aesthetically, with the brushed aluminium fascia and slim, almost frame-less design the G513 looks gorgeous, only accentuated by the RGB lighting. Adding the wrist rest improves the appearance with its premium look and feel.

We’ve spent a few days trying out both keyboards and trying to appreciate the pros and cons of the Romer-G Linear and Tactile keyswitches, however, they don’t quite compare to their better-established Cherry MX counterparts, which arrive with more flavour variations, and arguably a better typing or gaming experience; though, to give Logitech their full due, there was very little in the choice between the two.

Logitech producing a device which feels solid and properly constructed is no surprise, however it’s certainly worth a mention within our conclusion of the keyboard; if you’re spending close to £160 on a single peripheral, you need to feel as though it’ll last the test of time, which we’re certain the G513 will.

While keeping the £159.00 pricetag in constant consideration, the Logitech G513 has exceeded in several areas and came a close second place in others. The keyboard feels premium and solid, the RGB lighting is beautiful, the software is excellent and the Tactile key is brilliant for day to day use.

A few quirky features and a sturdy feel give the Logitech G513 a real appeal compared to the competition.

+ Rock solid design
+ Beautiful RGB lighting
+ Premium look and feel
+ Great software
+ Comfortable for extended periods
+ Gaming keycaps included
+ We love the Tactile Romer-G keyswitch

+- Pricey

- Linear keykeyswitch isn’t great
- No macro keys
- Still only USB 2.0 pass-through

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