Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅12-04-18
In the outset, we showed some slight reservations towards the £209 price tag, however, after testing the speakers for around a fortnight and giving them a thorough going over, we can happily say that the cost is warranted, with one simple caveat; if you’ll make use of the RGB lighting.

There’s many positive points to take away from our review, mainly the ease of setup, thanks to 2.2m long cables, small satellite speakers, and all-black design of the subwoofer.
We loved the noise produced from the G560, filling the room with sound, especially with the THS:X virtual surround enabled, making a notable difference to the direction of particular sounds. Our only annoyance was the lack of low-end volume, being stuck at what would seem as around 5%, which just wasn’t quiet enough for some usage scenarios.

The LGS software works well, incredibly well, so much so it’s rapidly becoming our favourite peripheral software suite. You will be hard-pushed to find anything as easy to navigate or with a more fluid feel.

The Bluetooth connectivity worked incredibly well for us in the office, being able to hook up an Amazon Echo Dot for better sound. The Bluetooth audio was played at the same time as anything from the PC, meaning no gaps in sound. The lack of a 3.5mm cable was slightly annoying, considering the price tag, but they can be picked up fairly cheaply from most places.

Logitech are a brand best known for quality gear, with the G560 RGB Gaming Speakers being no exception. We loved the noise they made, with the RGB lighting being an awesome bonus. Did we mention that bass? It’ll knock your socks off!

+ Beautiful RGB lighting
+ Speakers look classy
+ Earth shaking bass
+ Generous cable lengths
+ Simple, easy-to-follow instructions
+ Game driven lighting
+ Bluetooth and AUX 3.5mm connectivity
+ Can handle multiple inputs simultaneously

- No AUX cable included
- The lowest volume was a touch too loud
- Lack of EQ adjustment away from a PC

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