Logitech G703 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-02-18
The RGB lighting is crisp and bright, but the software support is terrible, frankly. We need more options to recommend this mouse if you’re after the RGB lighting. Everything else about the software is great, just a shame about the lighting, and lack of macros.

When considering the G703 for your desktop, comfort is often top of the priorities list; thankfully the G703 delivers on this front. The design could definitely be considered as basic, and possibly even boring, but sometimes comfort isn’t that exciting.

Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity really cannot be faulted, we’ve found nothing wrong with it, at all. Response time and reliability are there and just as good as a wired device. The associated battery life is also perfectly fine, likely needing a single charge per week.

£99.99 is a considerable sum for a mouse, especially when there are perfectly useable options available for a quarter of that price; having said that, we are really struggling to find any negative points about the mouse, save for some small omissions from the software. It performs like a wired mouse, looks stylish with the minimalist design, supports PowerPlay and features vibrant RGB lighting. What’s not to like? That £99.99 price-tag certainly seems justified from where we’re sitting.

If you’re currently at war with the wires, the Logitech G703 offers incredibly performance with a traditional design. It’s comfy, too!

+ Comfortable shape
+ Minimalist design
+ RGB lighting
+ Excellent PWM3366 sensor
+ Software works well
+ LIGHTSPEED connection is flawless
+ Supports PowerPlay
+ Adjustable weight
+ Reasonable price

+- Reasonable battery life

- Software is lacking some key features
- No Bluetooth

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