Microlab H30 BT & H50 BT Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20-02-14

Product on review: Microlab H30 BT & H50 BT
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Microlab
Street Price: 59.99 & 89.99 GBP

Here at Vortez, we have consistently been impressed by Microlab products and the value they offer, so much so that each of our outings to date have all received our Amazing Value Award. FC 50, SOLO7C, FC360. Today, we get to look at the H30 BT and H50 BT bookshelf speakers that offer up, as the name suggests, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) that uses A2DP stereo streaming, judging by the competitive pricing they do not appear to be breaking form.

The two variants stand at a fair price difference apart, with the more discrete H30 BT being of a size that is versatile enough to find itself in practically any situation, while the H50 BT moves into a more serious size that may require positional planning. Let's move on and put them to the test.

Overview by Microlab
About Microlab H30BT

Microlab H30BT is incorporated the latest Bluetooth wireless technology. It is a kind of beautiful design and simple-use bookshelf speaker that suits your desktop. It combines the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, NFC fast pairing function and the professional speaker drivers together, aims to produce the natural and comfortable sound and simplified home entertainment by NFC technology you will own the extraordinary audio sound performance.

About H50BT

Microlab H50BT series speakers showcase proprietary materials to deliver high-end performance and stunning build quality at a surprisingly affordable price. H50BT is superb build and fashionable finish quality to a genuinely high-end standard of performance as book shelf speaker. Connect H50BT with your iPhone, iPod, PC or notebook straightly, you can control your music easily.

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