MSI Vigor GK50 & Clutch GM50 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-06-20

MSI aren’t perhaps well-known for their gaming peripherals but their portfolio is steadily growing. The Vigor GK50 and Clutch GM50 are both great examples of how MSI shouldn’t be ignored in this department.

Both the keyboard and mouse under observation today bring with them some handy features which are customary for such devices. Things like, full NKRO support, assortment of hotkeys, DPI adjustment, and of course, RGB lighting.

We had concerns about switching to a low-profile keyboard for this review from the daily driver which features Cherry MX Brown switches but no sooner than we had begun testing, we adjusted to the ergonomics in a breeze. The Kailh Low Profile Switches are clicky, precise and are obviously shorter in terms of travel.

In a similar vein, the GM50 performed admirably in the range of scenerios we used it in – photo editing, web browsing and gaming. The only reservation we have is the material of choice for the anti-slip section and the overall weight. We prefer something which is heavier.

Pricing for both products are reasonable - GK50: UK 89 | US 118 GM50: UK 50 | US 75. At these price points both GK50 and GM50 can be regarded as good value for money solutions if you are on the hunt for a reliable keyboard and mouse combo.

If you’re looking for a keyboard and mouse configuration which performs very well, lookgs the part and doesn’t cost the earth then the MSI Vigor GK50 and Clutch GM50 are a good choice!

+ Pleasant to the eye
+ Easy to customize RGB lighting
+ Good build quality
+ Read with useful features
+ Perform well in/out of gaming
+ Decent pricing

- GM50 feels too lightweight
- GM50 side grips should use different material

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