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To wrap things up, the REVOLUTION UNLIMITED is a very mixed bag with some great positives but some features which cripple the overall experience.

The build quality of the device is impeccable, it feels rock solid, everything is finished to a beautiful degree that feels like someone has genuinely thought out every inch of the controller. Being able to adjust the thumbsticks angles, as well as the heads, is excellent; it really does change how games feel with the analog sticks being one of the main methods of input. The triggers are well-sprung, the shoulder buttons feel meaty, the action buttons on the front are large and easy to press. Itís just a properly well-sorted out piece of design. The Cross, Square, Triangle and Circle design on the trackpad is lovely, to add more praise.

The current trend, at least on these expensive, feature-laden ďproĒ controllers, is to add buttons/paddles/triggers onto the back where your fingers would typically be doing nothing. In theory itís a very good idea and, once youíre used to it and have the muscle memory dialled in, they can work really well, but in practice, they can get in the way. The Xbox One Elite controller and the Razer Raiju Ultimate both suffer from this, where they prevent you being able to grip the pad properly. NACON have nailed the placement, in our opinion. The buttons are plenty large enough that you can rest your fingers on them and press with ease, but you can still grip the controller properly.

The USB dongle isnít exactly ideal, particularly for PS4 users who donít have a USB slot on the back of the console, but it works well and provides plenty of coverage for a large room, but why does it need to be so ugly? Itís such a boring, bland, ugly piece of design. It does negate the wireless limitations of the PS4 however, allowing you to use your headset with the controller.

Battery life, at 7 hours isnít exactly ideal, but itís good enough for most lengthy gaming sessions. You might find yourself using the pad in the wired mode more often than youíd like but the sturdy Type-C connection and premium-quality braided cable are nice enough that you probably wonít mind.

Then thereís the website and software. The website is a really terrible piece of web design with an awful form for signing up for the required software. It took far too long to fathom out and was ridiculously frustrating. If Iíd paid £170 for this controller and was met with that, I mightíve been pushed into returning it and asking for a refund. That might sound like a massive over-reaction but navigating the website, in a mix of French and English, to find I need to provide my date of birth along with plenty of other unrelated information, to download the necessary software, was beyond a joke. NACON really need to look at their policy on that and think about changing it.

The software, while it serves its purpose, needs some optimisations and the ability to adjust profiles wirelessly would be nice.

The NACON REVOLUTION UNLIMITED is a fantastic controller, once youíve got past the frustration of the website and software. A longer battery life would bump up the score though.

+ Impeccable design and build quality
+ Looks great
+ PS4 and PC support
+ Lovely braided Type-C cable
+ Customisable in the right ways
+ Grippy coating, front and back
+ Decent wireless range
+ Can use a headset in wired and wireless modes, on PC and PS4
+ Carry case and weights system are a nice addition

+- Price

- Not great battery life
- One of the worst websites Iíve used in a long time
- Software needs a lot of work
- RGB lighting feels pointless and half-baked
- Mushy D-Pad
- Ugly USB dongle

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