Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-04-19
From the moment you get your hands on the SX10, it truly feels like a genuinely premium piece of kit. The switch’s chassis feels bombproof and looks fantastic at the same time.

Setting up the device is simple and easy, with a step-by-step guide getting you through the initial process which is then picked up by an easy to use and intuitive dashboard system. There are advanced features which will require some knowledge or an ability to learn, but as an unmanaged switch, it works flawlessly.

One feature we’d like to see added to the Dashboard is an included firmware upgrade tool. Instead, as it stands, you are expected to download the file from Netgear’s website and manually upload this to the switch. We’d expect something much more seamless at this price point.

Unfortunately, with regards to performance, we don’t possess the necessary kit to stress test the 10 ports so have instead opted to use the switch for a period of 6 months to gauge its effectiveness. We didn’t once come against an issue from the device, with it performing impeccably for three computers and a laptop on a 350Mbps Virgin Media connection.

The main problem we have is the cost. The device demands a £250/$250 price tag in the UK and US, which on top of a router, many of which offer QoS and traffic prioritisation built-in, is a hefty ask. Though, having said that, if you absolutely require the lowest possible latency in-game and despise the appearance of the vast majority of switches available at the moment, the SX10 will provide you with an attractive package.

The SX10 performed faultlessly for us over our 6 months testing period while looking fantastic. It’s expensive but if you can make use of the 10Gbit connections then we’re certain you’ll be happy.

+ Looks great, especially compared to most other switches
+ Easy to setup and maintain
+ 10Gbit ethernet
+ Has RGB lighting
+ Silent fanless design

+- Pricey

- Firmware updates aren’t as simple as they should be

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