NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti 'Maxwell' Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-02-14

Maxwell is upon us and the signs are good. Performance is certainly not ground breaking at this level of the market, at least in terms of churning out FPS but the power efficiencies of the card are exceptional. NVIDIA claim that the GTX 750 Ti is almost a match for the GTX 480 and while it does occasionally come close to the 4 series flagship performance, it is hardly what you could call a direct replacement. Not that it is meant to be of course because the GTX 750 Ti is aimed squarely at customers who want a low power graphics card capable of occasional gaming with a small footprint. To this end, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti with it's GM107 core is worthy of consideration.

It is hard to tell just how much performance can be squeezed out of the next generation of Maxwell cores which will be dedicated to the mid/high end gaming market but the initial signs are mouth watering with regard to power consumption. Because the card is very efficient, it stands to reason that performance will also be enhanced which should see a good leap forward in terms of raw speed. It should be considered though that gamers generally care little for power consumption and will readily pay a higher electricity bill if it means more fluid, faster gaming performance. We wait with baited breath for the enthusiast Maxwell cards.

Overall, we were impressed with the little GTX750 Ti. The price is reasonable at 114.99 which sits it slightly above the R7-260X but below the GTX760 and R9-270X which is right where it should be in terms of performance. FPS re-production could be stronger and if you don't mind overclocking, this card has plenty of headroom available to put the performance on a par with higher priced AMD cards. On the other hand you may be a light gamer who just needs an 'everyday' card for a SFF PC with minimal power consumption. Which ever discipline you find yourself in we can thoroughly recommend the GTX 750 Ti as it has most bases covered. Just don't expect to go breaking benchmark world records any time soon.

To summarise:
Small in stature with minuscule power consumption to match, the GTX 750 Ti is an entry level GPU that will suit those who need a capable gaming GPU but don't have the real estate to accommodate larger models.

+ Excellent power efficiency
+ Plenty of overclocking headroom
+ Small footprint
+ No external power leads required

- No DisplayPort

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