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Steaming content is a hugely popular undertaking nowadays because end users want the flexibility of being able to gain access to a variety of different media without being locked to an office. DOKO addresses this current streaming trend by allowing users to view web-exclusive content and engage in playing the latest games, all from the comfort of the living room.

By being so lightweight and having such compact dimensions, NZXTs DOKO can reside next to such devices as the TV without taking up unnecessary space. Furthermore it is also likely to compliment appliances with its super-sleek visual appearance too.

In very little time you can get up and running with DOKO thanks to the intuitive installation process and once you are ready, streaming to the desired screen is such a pleasant experience. In our testing of this innovative little device we worked our way through tasks such as web browsing, emailing and watching movies at 1080p (30fps) and the whole experience was certainly seamless. Firing up Steam and loading our favourite games resulted in similar feedback too, although we did encounter some very slight latency drops but this was nothing to write home about.

Another highlight with DOKO is the fact it operates without emitting any noise whatsoever. Since there is no active cooling inside the unit (just a PCB) there is no annoying hums or whirring. Furthermore, the unit also uses less than 5W for its power consumption.

There are some slight niggles with DOKO which, if you have read this review, you will be aware of. A wired network connection is obligatory to use DOKO and we can fully understand why NZXT has opted to use gigabit connectivity (to reduce latency issues) but a trailing network cable through different rooms between the router and the desired screen such as a living room eg. If you are using a TV Isnt ideal, and until wireless bandwidth standards dramatically increase this is something we all have to live with.

An area wed like to see NZXT improve is the ability to free up the source computer. Currently, when using DOKO, the source computer is rendered unusable because the display acts very much like remote access software.

Priced at 99 GBP / $99 USD we think DOKO is a handy device to have which doesnt cost the earth and wed highly recommend any of our readers in acquiring one.

NZXT DOKO epitomises simplified streaming. This handy little device allows end users to enjoy the delights of having access to a fully-fledged PC right in the living room.

+ Small, lightweight
+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Plenty of USBoverIP ports
+ Great streaming performance
+ No-noise whatsoever
+ Low power operation

- Wired network connection required
- Source computer cannot be used at same time

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