OCZ RevoDrive 350 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅21-07-14

When we were asked to take a look at the new OCZ RevoDrive 350 we expected a blisteringly fast, ultra sleek, dominating product that would have us salivating as we watched the benchmark scores roll in. To this end we were not disappointed. Nobody can doubt that the performance of this drive is nothing short of exceptional. It does indeed break the boundaries of SATA as with read speeds in excess of 1500 MB/s (and beyond) it lives up to its name by being x3 faster than an SSD. While write speeds couldn't always match this performance they were for the most part still very impressive. So if speed is your goal and money is no object the OCZ RevoDrive 350 will satisfy your cravings and then some.

There are a few negatives to owning such a device which we feel only fair to share with you. First and most obvious is the price. At £600 for the 480GB model we had on the test bed today it is anything but cheap. £600 buys you a lot of SSD and mechanical storage and while it is true, you will eventually saturate SATA bandwidth, the amount of storage on money saved may be enough to sway your thoughts in this direction. It is also worth considering that this card will require a PCIe port with 8 lanes available and thus if you have a SLI or Crossfire setup it may be difficult to accommodate this product. The same of course can be said about the limitation of SATA ports if you chose to go with standard SATA SSDs. Herein lays the choice will ultimately need to make.

Us? We adore this product and would happily sacrifice a PCIe port to give us what is probably the fastest storage solution on the planet saving standard SATA ports for our main mechanical storage. Whether we need it or not, we want it. It’s silly fast, looks the part and being OCZ it isn't going to let you down any time soon. Love it!

In summary
While aimed primarily at workstation users, the OCZ RevoDrive 350 is product which is sure to satisfy every performance enthusiasts craving for speed.

+ Ultra all round performance
+ See above
+ 3 year warranty (50GB Host writes per day)

- Expect looks of envy
- Green PCB
- No instructions (hard copy)

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