OCZ Vector 180 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-07-15

Since the SATA-based SSD sector has now hit saturation, companies supplying these products are being encouraged to innovate with new technologies and techniques to gain notoriety.

OCZ’s Vector 180 diversifies itself by expanding reliability features with Power Failure Management Plus, which effectively prevents the SSD from being “bricked” and is a confident safeguarding method for your data. Furthermore, OCZ are keen to emphasize their new warranty strategy which does not require a receipt – just a serial number. OCZ also provide a shipping label for returns so the cost doesn’t hit the end-user’s pocket – and thus, speed up the process meaning reduced downtime for faulty parts replacement.

Throughout our suite of benchmarks the Vector 180 clearly demonstrated consistently high-performance. Not all drives can handle sequential read and write transfer rates, and quite often we find a drop in performance but the combination of Barefoot 3 controller and Toshiba A19 NAND allows Vector 180 to tackle these demanding tasks.

Current SATA-SSD prices are at an all-time low and there hasn’t been a better time to jump onto the solid state bandwagon. The 240GB model of this Vector 180 drive is priced at £110 GBP / $150 USD – not the cheapest 240GB model out there, but we’re reassured by the value the fail-safe features and warranty benefits really bring.

The OCZ Vector 180 is designed for the enthusiast and as such delivers the performance and features an enthusiast demands. Advanced power failure features and impressive warranty service make this drive a top-pick!

+ Consistently strong performance
+ Attractive styling
+ Power Failure Plus feature
+ Hassle-free warranty service

- None!

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