OCZ Vector 256GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-01-13

OCZ Vector incorporates the first implementation of Indilinx Barefoot 3 – OCZ’s in-house development. The real question is; does it provide any improvement over rival SATA 3 SSDs?

The performance gains offered up by OCZ Vector are obviously evident by the benchmark results on the preceding pages. Vector consistently pushes other SSDs out of the way and asserts itself as the clear winner. Sequential read and write performance results rarely maintain the stated transfer rates by the manufacturers, even more so with the write transfer rates; these are usually much lower than what Vector revealed. Seldom do we find such good performance in a vast range of scenarios but the Vector drive certainly achieved this and more.

The 256GB version of Vector can be found for approximately £199 which is in line with most other drives using the SATA 3 interface of similar capacity and offering respective read/write speeds. What makes Vector so appealing is the strong commitment of 5 years warranty.

OCZ’s hard work in developing their very own Controller has paid off, Vector pushes the boundaries for SSD performance. Sleek looks, good build quality and a generous 5 years warranty all point to an impressive product.

+ Good build quality
+ Excellent performance
+ Affordable
+ 5 years warranty

- New controller, long-term reliability unknown

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