OCZ Vertex 4 128GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅21-06-12

The Vertex family has been a mainstay for OCZ over the years and to the enthusiast’s ear a product-line synonymous with quality and performance. The fourth generation of Vertex is now here but does a move away from SandForce present a step forwards or backwards?

Vertex 4 delivers some of the best and most consistent performance figures we have seen in our SSD testing. Sequential performance for this drive is very good – the drive certainly excelled in this area. Furthermore, against the price, Vertex 4 offers excellent price : performance ratio.

Priced at around £100inc. VAT this is less than £1 per GB and is a very attractive investment for the multitude wanting to jump onto the SSD bandwagon. For those who have been reluctant due to soaring prices this problem is now of no concern.

The 4th Generation of Vertex SSD delivers outstanding performance that is within the grasp of even the casual enthusiast. An impressive 5-years warranty makes the Vertex 4 a very hot product indeed and highly recommended by Vortez – Gold award.

+ Excellent price : performance ratio
+ Very affordable
+ Strong sequential performance
+ 5 years warranty
+ Auto-encryption

- There are none!

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