Ozone Blade Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅11-05-13

Product On Review: Ozone Gaming Gear Blade
Manufacturer & Review Sponsor: Ozone
Street Price: £49.99 (Inc. V.A.T)

Ozone are no longer the relatively new company we first met in 2011 with the Strike Mechanical Keyboard. Since then they have flexed their muscles in the peripheral arena with a plethora of new releases such as the RADON Opto gaming mouse and more recently the Silver Award winning Rage ST Headset. Rather than aim for the boutique-end of the market Ozone design very much for gamers seeking good quality at the mid-range budget, and so far have done an admirable job.

A strong product line-up isn't quite enough to put a manufacturer ahead of the curve these days though. In common with other prominent gaming peripheral brands in recent times Ozone have sought to take advantage of the burgeoning E-Sports sector, including becoming the headline sponsor for teams based both in the EU and Korean E-Sports heartland. Among these teams are MVP-White, a professional League of Legends outfit who have since changed their name to MVP-Ozone to reflect this partnership. A list of some of the teams Ozone support in the community can be found here: http://www.ozonegaming.com/ozoners

In our second Ozone keyboard review we’re taking a look at the Blade. Designed with a membrane switch mechanism rather than the mechanical Strike, the more modestly priced Blade brings with it multiple profile support, macro keys and illumination for a more broadly rounded package suitable for gamers seeking to make their money go as far as possible.

About The Blade:

Blade is the new addition to the Ozone´s keyboard family, designed to enhance gaming experience and bring the game to the top. A stylized and aggressive design with back-lighted keys combined with hot gaming features makes Ozone´s Blade in a complete gaming weapon sharp as a knife. The 128 Kb on board memory together with the software included allow you to fully customize the keyboard saving up to 50 different macros in 5 different profiles.

Pitched below £50 from online retail outlets, the Ozone Blade neatly undercuts the vast majority of mechanical gaming keyboards – tenkeyless types included – and on the face of it offers features rarely seen on membrane types. As crowded as the mechanical keyboard market gets at £60-80 the membrane market peters out, with only a few dedicated gaming brands choosing to create high-end models. With a great deal of value on the face of it, the build and software quality will be key to assessing it success.

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