Ozone Neon Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-02-14
Closer Look

Neon is ambidextrous and available in 4 colours

Neon is available in a selection of colours which include: blue, red, white and black. We are reviewing the blue variant. Our mouse features an ambidextrous design and therefore, left and right-handed gamers can use this peripheral. Neon’s shape and size has close similarities to some other mice on the market such as SteelSeries Xai, Sensei RAW and certainly Zowie’s FK.

Neon’s design is classic and it will appeal to gamers who are looking for a peripheral with subtle and simple styling.

Smooth external shell

Being ambidextrous, either side is exactly the same. There are two buttons in easy reach for the thumb to navigate back and forth within Windows or a customised function within game. Neon has a smooth shell which uses am antislip rubber to help with control. A plastic strip wraps around the entire unit and Ozone has also printed their emblem onto the palm section of the mouse.

Two buttons on either side

Looking at the mouse head on, the front has the obligatory two button configuration and an incremental scrolling wheel in the centre with DPI switcher button. The scrolling wheel snaps between each increment and is neither tough nor soft – just perfect. The button which sits behind the scrolling wheel allows the user to tweak the DPI profiling on the fly. Users can switch to the following DPI settings: 6400 / 3500/ 1800 / 800 and there is an LED indicator to help distinguish which profile you are in currently in, this was a feature missing from the similarly speced Zowie FK and so we are pleased to see that Ozone has included it.

Neon from the front

Neon makes use of a thick-braided cable and has a gold plated USB connector. The connector plug has been given a custom design to help distinguish it from other devices – this will help when connecting/disconnecting devices from your tower.

At the heart of Neon is a laser sensor which has a maximum DPI of 6400. Along with the specifications label, Ozone has given Neon two glide pads at the top and bottom of the mouse.

Neon features a 6400 DPI laser sensor

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