Ozone Strike Pro Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-05-14

The Ozone Strike Pro is a big improvement over the original Strike. Firstly, the obvious improvement is the inclusion of customised lighting. While not quite to the customisable levels of say the Logitech G19, the Strike Pro looks great with contrasting red and white lighting which itself can be lowered or raised depending on the intensity desired. The mechanical key switches remain however OZONE had the foresight not to restrict its model to just one type with four of the most common types on offer. So whether you prefer strong/light, tactile or not, there is a keyboard switch to suit any taste. The software is good and easy to use with plenty of options to allow you to further configure the keyboard functions to your own preference.

You would be forgiven for thinking that like so many other mechanical keyboards on the market that this would cost in excess of 100. You would be wrong. Costing a fiver short of 80 the Ozone Strike Pro could easily be considered something of a bargain. For sure, 75 is hardly cheap for a keyboard but 75 for a keyboard of this quality that offers the more features than the competition in the same price bracket features is not a bad deal at all. It is robust, a joy to use while gaming, plenty of features and as already mentioned, a very good price. What's not to like? Well a couple of things actually.

First the ergonomics: While we weren't overly concerned when gaming, we felt that over time when used as a 'writing' keyboard the Ozone Strike Pro could become tiresome, especially with Cheery Reds. We would prefer the 'clickity clak' of browns or blues for that. Now obviously this is an option only you can decide. What you may not be able to change is the overall ergonomics of the keyboard which we found to be less than perfect when used for extended periods. Secondly, and perhaps connect to our first criticism is the lack of girth on the palm rest. The rest seems to be more of an afterthought than anything else as it simply doesn't support the palm and certainly not the wrist. While any support is welcomed, we would have preferred a larger rest be that detachable or not. As it stands the rest being built into the frame is not fit for purpose.

Those points aside the Ozone Strike Pro is a very good keyboard indeed and one we have no hesitations in recommending. With a few tweaks it could well be in platinum territory but for now it will have to settle for a well deserved Gold award.

The Ozone Strike Pro is a keyboard that offers high end customisation and performance at a price much lower than expected.

+ Optional Cherry MX switchgear
+ Customisable back lighting
+ Macro Functionality
+ Full NKRO
+ Disable Windows key on-the-fly
+ LED backlit

- Can become uncomfortable after extended use
- Thin Palm rest

Available now at Overclockers UK

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