Ozone Strike Pro Spectra Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-07-17
Following on from the previous Strike Pro, Ozone has released a solid keyboard, offering the key features any gamer could require, with the added ability of being able to choose a different Cherry MX key to suit your personal preference. The RGB backlighting is a welcomed feature, however, Ozone could work on increasing the brightness, or increasing the transparency of their keycaps.

Gaming performance is excellent, with the full N-key rollover and the Cherry keys providing all of the oomph required to get stuck into your favourite game.

The pricing, which we touched upon in the introduction, was something we had to consider during the entire review. The original Strike Pro, released back in 2014, was £75, so pricing the Strike Pro Spectra at £122 is a bold move. The only tangible difference we could observe was the addition of RGB lighting, so itís difficult to see where the £50 extra has been invested. Ozone may argue that they didnít change things due to an already very popular design, though there should be a minimal increase in price if thatís the case.

The Ozone Strike Pro Spectra offers great gaming performance within a sleek chassis, though at the current pricing, itís difficult to recommend.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Cherry MX mechanical keys
+ USB/Audio pass-through
+ Has RGB lighting
+ Great use of function keys
+ Unusual font

- Very dim RGB backlighting
- No indicator LEDs in top-right section
- Difficult to warrant the increase in price

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