Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅22-04-12

Product on Review: Phanteks PH-TC14CS
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Phanteks
MSRP: 69.90€/74.90€ for coloured edition
Street Price: £61.99/£65.99 for coloured edition

It’s not often that we see new start-up companies become immediately successful at what they do and even more unusual is for them to become market leaders in their domain. Phanteks can be considered one such company and ever since the debut of the almighty PH-TC14PE, the brand has become a household name amongst cooling enthusiasts. Not only did it top our charts, but it proved resoundingly superior to our ageing favourites, the Noctua NH-D14 and the Thermalright Silver Arrow. Fast forward to this month and Phanteks are back with a brand new cooler or 5 as the range of colours suggests. In a move resembling Noctua’s release of their NH-C14 following that of their NH-D14 , Phanteks are releasing the PH-TC14CS after having successfully establishing themselves in the cooling market with their flagship dual tower PH-TC14PE. As such, it comes as no surprise that the new PH-TC14CS follows a similar design scheme to the NH-C14 as a C-type single tower top-down cooler. Without delving too much into the politics of design copies (and we would hate to imply such a thing with the number of patented features Phanteks hold), this new top down cooler represents a great addition to the cooling market, especially to those seeking small, compact coolers for their HTPCs or LAN rigs. Competition can only be a good thing for the consumers anyway.

Before going into the main review, let us start by giving the Phanteks PH-TC14CS a proper introduction. The PH-TC14CS is being marketed as a C-type single tower cooler using the latest aerospace technology. Whilst the latter statement seems of little relevance to consumers, the design of the cooler strongly resembles its bigger dual tower sibling. It makes use of the same radiator as the PH-TC14PE, albeit a single one this time orientated horizontally, acting as a top down cooler with the help of two 140mm fans, the PH-F14TS. The cooler also employs patented technologies to boost thermal conductivity and increase cooling performance in form of C.P.S.C and P.A.T.S respectively. If that wasn’t enough, the same five 8mm heat pipes are used to ensure optimum thermal transfer, those being 2mm more in diameter than the ones on the NH-C14 despite the heat pipe count being one less. And finally, customary to Phanteks design language, their new cooler is available in 5 different colours! Black has now been added to their previous selection of red, orange, white and blue so consumers can rejoice in the fact that they aren’t restricted to Noctua’s marmite brown colour scheme.

On the face of it, the PH-TC14CS looks very promising. We noted in our previous review of the dual tower variant just how efficient the heatsink was and to have half of that surface area available is already a good start for such a compact cooler. Coupled with two 140mm fans, it is inevitable that strong similarities can be drawn to the Noctua NH-C14, a fact we will touch on throughout the review.

A bit about Phanteks:
Phanteks, is a company with more than 20 years international experience in providing thermal solutions. From specialists in providing thermal solutions we have now expanded to a company offering multiple product solutions.

With our thorough technical skills and marketing expertise, we fully optimize the products with thermal possibilities and capabilities. We have always been able to achieve the maximum due to our passion in finding and discovering new technical developments. Phanteks design team which has a base in Europe situated in Holland, consists of creative researchers, designers and developers have always been successful in spotting the exact needs of gamers. This results in our quality products.

Our expertise means no job is impossible, and that every customer is given a professional and personal service that is rare in today’s marketplace. We meet our customers’ expectations with superior products, customer service and industry knowledge.

With years of experience behind them and a firm grasp of the enthusiast market, let’s see if the new Phanteks PH-TC14CS has what it takes to once again take down Noctua and earn its crown.

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