QPAD MK-85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅19-01-12
This keyboard has it all. If I was impressed with the typing ability and comfort of the MK-85 then I am astounded by its gaming abilities. Want macro programmability? Not a problem! 5 profiles? Sure. Adjustable backlighting? You got it. Perhaps the only thing missing from this keyboard is the ability to change the backlighting colour and an LCD screen. For less than the asking price of the MK-85 you could have these features in the Logitech G19, widely regarded as the pinnacle of gaming keyboards. The G19 however does not have mechanical keys and thus pales in comparison to the outright performance of the QPAD MK-85.

Our previous best mechanical keyboard, the Tt-eSports GMEKA has the stiffer Cherry MX Black keys which may appeal to some but if you get the chance you really should try the Cherry MX-red keys. They are much better for typing with and while the Corsair K60 also made use of Cherry MX Red keys, it fell short in terms of comfort due to not having a full range wrist rest. The SteelSeries 7G while impressing with its size lacks the refined feel of the QPAD range. So that just leaves the Ozone Strike and QPAD's own MK-80. The Ozone Strike is a basic no frills gaming keyboard, much the same as the SteelSeries and QPAD's own MK-50 keyboard and while that is no bad thing, they cannot really be compared to the MK-85 as the MK-85 offers more frills, useful frills that is. So it's the old vs. new; MK-80 vs MK-85.

The MK-80 was a great looking keyboard of that there can be no doubts. The luxurious feel of the keyboard surround and backlit key set put most other keyboards in the shade (literally). However, there were two issues which prevented MK-80 from being our top mechanical keyboard - no macro functionality and the use of Cherry MX Blue keys. Guess what QPAD have gone and done? The MK-85 now has macro capability and has the much better (for gaming at least) Cherry MX red switches. With this in mind I'm going to be true to my word and put the MK-85 in number one spot in the hotly contested mechanical gaming keyboard market. It is a deserved winner of not only our esteemed Platinum award but also gets the rarely given Elite award simply for being the very best there is to offer in this segment, regardless of its high asking price. If the girl from the L’Oreal advert was worth it, then the QPAD MK-85 most certainly is.

*NOTE* There appears to be a problem with the QPAD MK-85 and BIOS control. QPAD have been contacted as we are unsure if this is just our sample or a problem with the MK-85. This does NOT affect it's performance in an operating system environment. We will keep you posted of further developments - w3bbo

+ Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches
+ Perfect for gaming/very comfortable for typing
+ USB & Audio Hub
+ Expensive plastics
+ Optional replacement keys
+ Adjustable backlight
+ Macro capability
+ Full NKRO through a single USB

- Expensive
- No Key lock LED brightness adjustment

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to QPAD for providing today’s review sample.

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