Razer Atheris Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-10-17
Razer has developed a really good mouse with the Atheris, it performs remarkably well in games via the 2.4GHz connection, provides a huge 350-hour battery life, looks fantastic and is reasonably comfortable despite its size.

The Razer software is currently in beta, so we cannot be too critical, however, it works remarkably well and provides a wide range of options to tweak. We look forward to seeing what Razer can do with this software in the coming months.

The decision to add both Bluetooth and Razer’s proprietary AFT 2.4GHz connection is brilliant, it adds such a large degree of flexibility, allowing use on any laptop equipped with Bluetooth, a huge array of smart devices and many Apple Macbooks etc.

The chassis certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to a Razer laptop in a local café nor would it at a LAN event which says a lot about Razer’s styling cues. The scroll wheel is chunky and positive while the overall size remains very small.

Pricing is the final point to touch on, arriving around the £50 mark. For a mouse produced by Razer, with both Bluetooth and their 2.4GHz connection technology, this strikes us as reasonable value for money.

If you require a mobile mouse which is also capable of gaming, you will be hard pushed to find anything better than the Atheris.

+ 350-hour battery life
+ 2.4GHz or Bluetooth
+ Small, compact form factor
+ Lightweight
+ Excellent signal strength
+ Looks great

- Slightly too small to be fully comfortable
- Side buttons only for right-handed users

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