Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-10-17
At £80 for the controller and two LED strips, along with an extra £30 for a further two strips and extension cables, the Chroma HDK doesn’t exactly represent value for money, but if your heart is set on RGB-theming your entire battle station, this has to be the kit for you.

Despite Razer’s Synapse 3.0 being in beta, the software is stable, performs well and has the vast majority of features required of it; there are some things that could be added, but we’re sure they’ll get round to them.

The LEDs themselves are of an excellent quality, they produce a superbly crisp light no matter which colour is selected, however, as is always the case with LEDs, the brighter and more vibrant the choice, the better they will look. Transitions and effects also look amazing.

The scope for utilising this within a game is huge, if placed in the right zones they could lend themselves hugely towards a game like Overwatch or Orcs Must Die: Unchained, being used to show off effects or powerups, as well as the direction of attacks; the possibilities are near-endless.

Setting everything up is super-easy, especially with everything being sticky backed. A little bit of planning is required to work out how to route the cables and where to place the strips, but you can easily be up and running inside of an hour.

We don't think anyone predicted the extent to which the RGB craze would take over, but it shows no signs of slowing down. It seems that every manufacturer has been forced to adopt the RGB lighting to compete in the peripherals sector, but Razer has taken that next-step in providing RGB strips with in-game integrations included.

If you live, breathe, eat and sleep RGB, this is the kit for you, though be prepared to part with many of those hard-earned pennies.

+ Easy to set up
+ Stunningly crisp, vibrant RGB lighting
+ Can create glorious effects behind your screen/in your case
+ Excellent software notwithstanding its beta status

- Not easy to move around
- Price

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