Razer Kraken Mobile Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-02-16
The Kraken as a headset for some is a bit hit and miss, some love the build quality comfort and bass strong characteristics and these attributes are now available for the mobile and iOS platforms with the Kraken Mobile. The audio quality is clear, with strong mids and bass, though diminished in the upper mids and treble. Though not up to audiophile standards, music listening is enjoyable and the casual gamer will be blown away. Then you have the added versatility of the inline remote and microphone.

The pricing of the Kraken Mobile seems a little disappointing on first impression as it appears to be a standard Kraken headset stripped of some features and then brightly coloured. However, you can find it listed for less than its MSRP by 3rd party distributors, combine this with consideration towards the market it is aimed at, many will be used to paying a larger sum of money for what is likely an inferior product. This is a position that Razer are wholly aware of making the Kraken Mobile a very strong contender and an easy product to recommend if you are using Apple products. It is just a shame that it is punishing Android users a little too much with the Android cable sold separately at 14.99. This makes it a little difficult to justify for an Android user. Either way, the Kraken Mobile is a fun headset that provides crystal clear sound with strong, punchy bass. If you like the sound of that then you will like the sound of the Kraken Mobile headset.

Razer have made a compelling and interesting entry into the casual audio market with the Kraken Mobile, living up to its promise of clear audio and thumping bass.

+ Bold, attractive design (available in 6 colours)
+ lightweight and Comfortable
+ Good audio for casual gaming and music listening
+ Inline remote and microphone

- Some may find it a little too bassy
- Android cable sold separately

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