Razer Lancehead Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-08-17
As an entire package, the Lancehead is fantastic. Razer has employed some serious technology and expertise to achieve the kind of wireless stability and sensor performance this thing produces in a relatively small mouse. The battery life is good considering there are 16 RGB LEDs and a 5G laser sensor.

We were seriously impressed by the RGB lighting, the colour reproduction was fantastic but seriously bright at the same time. Transitions were smooth and felt great; all bolstered together by the brilliant Chroma software.

Providing you don’t run the RGB LEDs at their brightest setting, you can get 3 full days of use out of the Lancehead, this is somewhere around what Razer claim. 8-10 hours, with the RGBs roaring away, is reasonable considering their brightness.

The biggest hurdle for any potential customer will be that £140 price tag, that will take a lot of stomaching for most consumers, though there are many positive points to consider while purchasing.

Razer has thrown the book at this thing, creating the ultimate wireless mouse.

+ 100% Wireless stability
+ Incredible RGB lighting
+ Great Chroma software
+ Good battery life
+ Excellent build quality
+ Very comfortable as an ambidextrous mouse

+- Battery life suffers hugely with 100% LED brightness
+- Synapse 3.0 is still in beta

- £140 is expensive
- Laser sensor can be too sensitive

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