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We were not surprised by the Khan AIMOs High-Res audio capabilities as they were present on the previous generation. It’s ROCCATs inclusion of the newly added Amp/DAC combo and 7.1 audio that had us impressed. The Amp/DAC combo helps the AIMO produce superb quality audio and although the 7.1 didn’t help improve things in every situation, its inclusion is welcome, especially for movies and less competitive gaming titles. Also impressive is the fact that the price point remained competitive as on occasion the High-Res audio certification and 7.1 audio can bump up the price significantly, the former more so.

Combine all the above with a fresh new aesthetic that has modernised the Khan AIMO and has brought them in line with what you’d expect from a gaming headset in 2018. The build quality impressed too, although it’s predominately plastic ROCCAT haven’t cut back and have made use of the more premium grades. Comfort wise they also impressed offering a comfortable in-use experience. They do get a touch warm, however, but this can be avoided by taking short breaks to help ease this over longer use. The microphone that ROCCAT has created matches the quality of the rest of the headset and performs very capably in all situations.

The AIMO do represent a ‘good value for money’ headset that offers the full package and if you’re after one headset that does it all, then the Kahn AIMO should be on your shortlist.

The ROCCAT Khan AIMO is an impressive all-round gaming and multimedia headset without the hefty price tag.

+ Solid construction
+ Very detailed and crisp audio
+ Good quality microphone
+ Nicely integrated RGB

- Slight heat build up from the earcups
- Volume control wheel isn’t the smoothest

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