ROCCAT Noz Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅10-08-19

Product on Review: ROCCAT Noz Stereo Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: ROCCAT
Street Price: 59.99 GBP / $69.99 USD / $89.99 AUD

The Noz is the newest mid-range headset from ROCCAT and is a follow up to the Roccat Renga Boost. ROCCAT states it is outfitted with top-of-the-line 50mm drivers which deliver a perfect audio profile, a Real-Voice microphone and multi-platform connectivity.

The Noz also features built in volume & microphone mute controls, as well as these controls the microphone is also removable so if you want to take these on the go with you the microphone can be stashed away.

As with the Renga Boost this headset is cross-platform compatible, a 2 to 1 3.5mm splitter is included so that the headset can be used on most, if not all games consoles and mobile devices.

In our review we look to see if ROCCAT have resolved the issues of comfort, a distinct lack of volume & the microphone placement issues we had with their previous release.

ROCCAT on the Noz Stereo Gaming Headset:
Natural Sound Hear things as they're supposed to sound with stereo redefined. Top of the line 50mm drivers deliver the perfect audio profile, crisp highs, rich mids and deep lows. A Real-Voice mic covers the full vocal spectrum for authentic sound reproduction

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