ROCCAT Noz Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅10-08-19

In the introduction of this review we said that we were going to look at the issues we had with ROCCAT's previous release, namely the comfort, the overall feel, the microphone adjustment and the lack of volume.

ROCCAT has resolved these issues and has made the headset feel well built and comfortable for those long gaming sessions however the Noz is not without it's own faults, as we mentioned in the design section the ROCCAT team have used fabric ear cups so the noise isolation does not perform as well as other types of material they could have used, although it is to be expected there are short comings in some areas due to the price.

The other areas the Noz Stereo Gaming Headset falls short are the microphone quality and the music performance, which we feel that if improved would set the Noz above it's competitors, as it is it performs well in games and if you're looking to use the headset on multiple platforms the ROCCAT Noz is a solid choice.

There are products that offer the same feature set and better music performance at a very similar price however the design of the Noz may just win you over.

+Multiplatform compatible
+Detachable Microphone
+Gaming Performance

-Microphone quality
-Poor Noise Isolation
-Poor Music Performance

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