Samsung 840 EVO 750GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-07-13

Samsung remain a formidable force in many sectors but even more so for storage and SSDs. The 830 and 840 product lines have persistently taken the limelight due to excellent performance to price ratio.

Part of Samsung’s recipe for success has been the ability for them to push forward with R & D and being able to keep the entire anatomy of the SSD in-house. All components that make up the drive are developed in-house and are Samsung branded, and so there is no need to obtain hardware from third-parties and suffer the discrepancies that this brings.

The new 840 EVO continues to push the boundaries for what we expect from an SSD. Capacity choice is generous, spanning from 120GB to 1TB. The introduction of EVO is the first time that a full 1TB SSD has been made available and when we say “full” we mean just that, 1TB is available for use, nothing less.

RAPID Mode is a new feature which Samsung have introduced with their upcoming version of Magician V4.2 and 840 EVO. This feature accelerates transfer speeds beyond the expected 500MB/s read/write rates which SATA 3 (6G) is constrained to. By utilising spare CPU/Memory cache the EVO and its proprietary software can out-perform its counter-parts. It’s quite clear that Samsung have thought outside of the box with this new feature, by looking for alternative means in order to obtain yet more performance advantage. We're impressed by how Samsung have found a method of getting round the barrier that the SATA 3 interface presents since the performance plateau is ever present for each and every SSD currently on the market.

In each of the tests we put 840 EVO through on the preceding pages this drive revealed a strong candidate indeed. Results were consistently good for both read and write performance, sequential transfer rates were very pleasing and this particular area only helps to strengthen a remarkable product.

The price is of particular significance with 840 EVO because even the 1TB model surprised us. Prices range from 120GB: £86.99 250GB: £148.99 500GB: £289.99 750GB: £415.99 1000GB: £509.99. All of these prices include VAT and we are satisfied that these prices represent good value for money. Samsung can obviously keep the prices this low for such high-quality kit because they have access to all of the components – they don’t need to source from alternative vendors.

The new 840 EVO pushes the boundaries for SATA 6G performance. Samsung have clearly thought outside of the box with this new product and continue to bring innovation to the table. We are excited by EVO and can whole heartedly recommend it.

+ High-grade components - Samsung born and bred
+ Brilliant sequential read/write results
+ Consistently strong performance
+ RAPID Mode boosts performance
+ Found method to overcome limitation of SATA 3 interface
+ Magician software is very useful
+ Great value

- There are none

Tip = Install Magician 4.2+ and use RAPID mode for better transfer performance

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