Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review

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When we first reviewed the Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD which picked up our Gold Award, we knew Samsung were on the winning road with their products especially when they combined premium build quality, high quality components with beautiful aesthetics into their SSDs.

Anyone who is looking for an SSD today can be confident that when they purchase one from the Samsung Series 830/840 range, they will get one with good reliability, quality and a one which will perform to a high standard. Today we took a look at the software that is available for use with all new Samsung SSDs, Samsungís SSD Magician and the Samsung Data Migration software to see how they fit in alongside their range of SSDs. Well we got to grips with the software and put it through its paces but how did it do? Well letís find out starting with the Samsung Magician Software.

Samsung Magician Software

After we had installed the software which was easy and painless as it could be, we ran the software and had a look at the many features such as OS Optimization, Secure erase and Disc cloning (Norton Ghost 15.0 required). We were pleasantly surprised to find that Samsung had including everything that the regular consumer could ever need in terms of options and tools.

The software felt very fluid and was a breeze to navigate around the plethora of menuís and tools. The feature we feel deserves most praise is the OS optimization tool. Put simply, this changes the operating system's settings such as page file, turns hibernation off etc. to squeeze every little bit of performance from the SSD. Another fantastic feature is the Firmware Update tool, with this it automatically searches for the latest firmware, and installs it without the need to use DOS or download manually and use a USB flash drive. The software was a pleasure to use which is a real credit to Samsung and we had no problems whatsoever with stability.

When we came to the clone function, we were prompted to install Norton Ghost 15.0. For those who don't have a copy, the Data Migration tool is a direct replacement and will be distributed with all the latest new Samsung SSDs.

Samsung Data Migration Software

With the Data Migration software, Samsung wanted to provide the end user with a quick, easy and efficient experience in which to clone their SSDs, albeit you can do this with the Magician software and a copy of Norton Ghost 15.0 but we opted to use this as anyway as its a lot less complicated to use, and gives the exact same results. First impressions were great with a quick and easy installation, and as we went through the different stages of effectively cloning our Operating system and other files we found the experience a breeze. The software guided us through and informed us of all the important information right through the process even when it came to selecting a second media to store our overflow of files on(Our USB flash drive) . I have to mention that the software itself didnít come bundled with the Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD we tested it with but it is freely available to download from the Samsung website here

After using both pieces of software we are not only confident in Samsung's abilities on the hardware side of things but with their software they show versatility. The software was easy to install and use and from hours of extended usage proved to be stable and bug free.

In regards to the clone feature on the Magician software, the Data Migration software does the same thing in effect and we really liked the results we received from using it. The cloned SSD was tested in another system and worked perfectly just like the original. So if you havenít got Norton Ghost 15.0 and donít want to purchase it, you donít have to as the Data Migration software will allow you to clone with ease.

Samsungís Magician software and Data Migration tool provides all Samsung 830 and 840 series owners with an easy to use solution for tasks which can be seen as a chore such as updating the firmware. Being bundled free with all the latest Samsung SSDs only adds to the quality and takes a product that is already top of the range and adds that little bit more. The Samsung 830 Series SSD received our gold award and now Samsung can be proud that their hard work has paid off as we award both the Magician and Data Migration software our gold award.

+ Itís Free
+ Easy to install and navigate
+ Polished Interface
+ Very Stable
+ Many useful features and tools

- None

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