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SAMSUNG’s latest iteration within the T-series of portable SSDs is a beautiful drive with speed to boot; weighing in at 51g, the drive is certainly light and small enough to be chucked in any rucksack or laptop bag, or even your back pocket if you’re in a pinch. The three-year warranty isn’t class leading but certainly long enough for a product of this nature.

The drive can hold its own against some of the fastest SATA-based SSDs on the market, helped along by the USB 3.1 Gen. 2 (10Gbps). The PCMark 8 tests showed the true speed of the drive, with the T5 being found at the bottom of our graphs, but as an external data drive, the SAMSUNG performed remarkably well, considering it’s being pitted against SATA3 and NVMe drives. Conversely, the SAMSUNG was only a few percent from the top SATA SSDs in the AS SSD read and write graphs, showing some serious grunt.

The T5 500GB is priced at £192 here in the UK, which puts it a little above other solutions, but in terms of raw speed and portability, the SAMSUNG is unmatched. The 250GB will come in at £125, 500GB at £192, the 1TB is £385 and for those moving around colossal amounts of data, the massive 2TB is £760. All 4 capacities share the same enclosure though the weight may vary fractionally.

The SAMSUNG T5 is an incredibly fast external SSD solution squeezed into a tiny frame.

+ Gorgeous design
+ Good speeds
+ Small and lightweight
+ Faster than many SATA solutions
+ 3-year warranty
+ Drop tested to 2M
+ Type-A and Type-C cables included

- Lack of colour choice
- Pricey compared to competition

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