Sennheiser GAME ZERO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-11-15

The GAME ZERO came as an interesting solution and should certainly be considered by gamers looking for that next level precision from their headset. The sound quality is amongst the best you can get from a 'gaming headset', the microphone is top quality and the comfort too is amongst the best around. This recipe alone hits the pillars of what a gaming headset needs to do, and so should be turning heads at every level.

If you are looking to buy, but find the price a little unpalatable then right now you can even get hold of it at a much more reasonable price at Amazon for just 135! (At time of writing).

As always, we need to be critical about the product at hand too and whether it commands its price and if there are any flaws to consider. As a gaming headset, it does lack in that larger than life, deep brooding bass and while it does give a wide soundscape, the level of accuracy it provides seems to cause a more noticeable jump from ear to ear when relying on the stereo surround. This could have been solved by be shipped with a USB soundcard/dongle which could provide virtual 7.1 surround processing.

As a product, the quality shines throughout and being Sennheiser, there is certainly a premium aura about it. Though this doesn't mean it will necessarily be the best choice for gamers. Considering its price range the direct competitors from the gaming world would be the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism (AKA Siberia 650) and the Creative SoundBlaster EVO ZxR. The EVO ZxR is a good quality wireless and versatile headset, but in the audio quality race, the battle would be between the Siberia Elite Prism (SEP) and the GAME ZERO (GZ). Unfortunately I don't have a SEP for direct comparison anymore but the sound quality when paired with a good quality soundcard/headphone amp was insane and could easily divide people by preference between the SEP (more bass) and the GZ (Natural Sound). In the comfort race, the Sennheiser would likely be the winner and could be the deciding factor for some. Then again, the GZ lacks the bells and whistles featured with the SEP including Dolby Surround which is becoming a more important aspect of peoples decision making towards a gaming headset. Arguably these things are something Sennheiser have rarely focused on with their main drive being to provide accurate, good quality sound.

Another consideration to make is, our testing is carried out using a Creative ZxR soundcard which still commands a 150 price tag on the market, if you are spending 135-200 on a headset which you will then plug into your 60 motherboards Realtek ALC 883, your sound quality from such a product will be severely degraded in both the output and input (mic). So a high end product like the GAME ZERO will need better support to get the best out of it, though this is true for any good quality headset/headphone.

The bottom line is, the Sennheiser GAME ZERO doesn't display any individual key strengths but shows solidarity in all important aspects of what a gaming headset should be, highly comfortable for long hours game play, provide excellent audio precision, and have a great quality microphone for intense in-game multiplayer action.

The GAME ZERO lives up to the Sennheiser name by providing gamers with a perfectly balanced, high quality headset which will have their back in any situation.

+ Precise and clear, natural sounding audio
+ Very Comfortable for long sessions
+ High quality, auto muting microphone
+ Foldable and collapsible
+ Included carry case

- Price
- Not wireless
- Could have more bass

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