Sennheiser GSP 370 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-01-20
As you’d probably expect from Sennheiser, overall, the experience has been very positive, almost flawless in fact.

The headset is sublimely comfortable to the point that you totally forget it’s on your head, even after wearing it for hours on end. The ergonomics research, investment in premium quality materials and well-thought-out, lightweight design, with ample adjustment, has paid off double here; we couldn’t be happier with the comfort offered.

As far as audio is concerned, Sennheiser have tuned the cans to perfection. They provide an excellent range and don’t appear to be too heavily biased on either the bass or treble, however, if you do find that you’d like to tweak things a little, the equaliser in the Sennheiser Gaming Suite offers just that; having said that, we’d perhaps like to see more than 5 bands to give a little more control.

The microphone, as you hopefully heard in the video on the previous page, is crisp and clear but not what we’d class as “broadcast-quality”, there’s definitely some room for improvement but considering the ease of use and the 100-hour battery life, it’s absolutely more than up to the job of communicating with team mates.

Wireless communication from the dongle was absolutely spot on, I was able to visit the fridge without a hitch. We feel we should say, we did have some issues with our dongle/headset firmware, that Sennheiser have now worked out, where you’d need to re-pair the devices every time the system was restarted; this was mildly annoying but is now resolved and shouldn’t effect anyone going forwards.

Onto the battery life. 100 hours from a wireless headset without it having a 12V car battery hanging off the back is nothing short of mind-blowing. We tested this headset over a period of about 10 weeks and we’ve only charged it twice. Even if you used it for 8 hours a day, every day, you’d get almost a fortnight from it. This, for us, was the crux of wireless headsets but Sennheiser have gone and set the bar high for the competition.

For balance, so we don’t sound like we’re being paid for the review, we did find a couple of flaws with the headset. The main problem we found was the power/sync switch being loose within the headset causing it to rattle/tap if you move your head from side to side. We’re told that this is an early production sample and subsequent production runs don’t suffer from the same problem. The other ‘problem’ we found was the inability to remove the microphone, this headset would make an absolutely awesome set of headphones if you happened to already own a microphone that you like to use. There’s nothing else on the market with this level of battery life and audio quality combined into one excellent bundle.

Genuinely the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn, with excellent audio from the cans and a decent showing from the microphone. The 100 hour battery life steals the show though, you can forget to charge it for days on end without ever worrying.

+ 100-hour battery life!
+ Most comfortable headset I’ve worn to date
+ Beautifully clear sound quality
+ Solid build quality (mostly)
+ Good quality microphone with mute function
+ PS4 support

- Mute/sync switch can rattle (claimed to have been fixed in the latest revision)
- Software is a little too basic
- A USB Type-C charging cable would be a nice feature for 2020

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