SilverStone Fortress FT04 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-10-13

Bringing our thoughts to a close, its safe to say the all-new Fortress FT04 has left a lasting impression upon us.

Those of you who read our review of SilverStone Raven 4 will realise that there are strong similarities between this case and the FT04. The chassis is pretty much the same but the Fortress variant tackles the concerns we had with the Raven case- pushing through as a far superior offering.

Observing FT04 from the outside, we cannot help but admire the beautifully crafted contours. SilverStone have used aluminium for the front/top panelling whilst using steel for the chassis construction. All aspects have been executed with absolute precision.

Delving inside the case, we have a quirky take on the computer chassis. Not only is the motherboard tray on the reverse side but it has been rotated too not only is this diverse but it also brings in some key advantages, such as unhindered multi-GPU compatibility and places the CPU cooler in the direct pathway for airflow.

Inside, there is ample space for CPU coolers, graphics cards and cable management. SilverStone have also included innovative CPU cooler and graphics card support mechanisms to aid in alleviating pressure on the motherboard from weighty components.

Regardless of whether you are seeking low-noise or supreme cooling, FT04 delivers. As a result of the AP182 cooling fans, fan controller, thick panelling and foam insulation both options are available without compromise.

Being priced at 186, the FT04 is no inexpensive investment but we think this is a brilliant alternative to some of the rival flagship offerings and were confident FT04 will steal the spotlight at this price point.

SilverStone demonstrate their continuity and prowess with the new FT04. Were confident this new addition to the Fortress family is a resilient counterpart that shines through with its excellent build quality and multitude of convenient features. Its our pleasure to hand out our prestigious Gold award.


+ Professional and sleek aesthetics
+ Superb cooling potential
+ Expertly engineered
+ Aluminium/Steel construction
+ Unique internal layout
+ Lots of space for hardware
+ Easy to maintain cable management
+ Handy CPU cooler + graphics card support
+ Fan controller

- Not really suited to ALCs

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