SilverStone HE01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-10-12

Although SilverStone don’t have extensive experience in the field of CPU coolers the first product to kick off the Heligon Series shows that they are not to be underestimated.

Installation of HE01 for LGA2011 is very easy thanks to the procedure that SilverStone have gone with. Not only is the process simple but the quality of the components are very good too. Stock, overclocked and passive performance are all excellent; a combination of a great thermal design, materials combined with a high-performance 140mm cooling fan projects this cooler into the territory others strive for. The cooling fan has a switch allowing its speed to be altered to quiet mode or performance mode, this switch is extremely useful as it can be modified on-the-fly.

Other things which are good to see is the memory compatibility and clearance. For LGA2011 – having memory on both sides isn’t an issue but those using LGA155 or other sockets which have dual channel memory only on one side have the added bonus of a thinner heatsink, thus allowing extended compatibility with taller modules.

The only niggle with this cooler is the noise of the PWM fan when overclocking takes place. Of course, this can be altered to suit the user’s needs but as PWM the fan boosts to 2000RPM and this creates a fair bit of noise.

Priced at £55, HE01 is a good choice for enthusiasts wanting the best performance they can get. The results on the preceding pages speak volumes for the strength of this cooler and we can therefore recommend this CPU cooler at Vortez.

+ Excellent thermal performance
+ Good build quality
+ Easy to install – good quality
+ Passive results are good

- Fan is loud at mid-maximum speeds

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