SilverStone Raven X RVX01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-12-15

Having such a highly revered computer chassis line demands creativity. SilverStone’s Raven Series has been a firm favourite over the years and yet throughout each iteration there have been some significant improvements made – highlighting the fact that this manufacturer is keen to innovate.

This year SilverStone has decided to introduce a new subdivision – RAVEN X, and this first instalment is quite an interesting computer chassis.

From the outside the RVX01 is a stylish computer chassis which should pair up and complement other office appliances. Although the design targets the gamer, the aesthetics aren’t overly gaudy but we can understand the heavy use of plastics throughout based on the entry-level price point.

Adopting the renowned 90-degree motherboard tray rotation, RVX01 not only offers up a quirky internal layout but when combined with the trio of Air Penetrator cooling fans, the cooling performance is exceptional. The positive pressure design to which SilverStone has enforced for many years has proven time and again how reliable and efficient this methodology is.

The dimensions of RVX01 mean that this chassis uses a small footprint with a condensed feature-set and yet it can still house ATX motherboards and high-end hardware – such as large CPU coolers and big graphics cards. On the flipside of this, the installation is somewhat tricky in areas and extra patience is required; especially when moving the motherboard into the case and arranging the cables.

While RVX01 is an entry-level solution and we appreciate there must be certain cut-backs, for the cost we still expect reusable PCI covers which this case sadly does not come with. SilverStone supply one reusable cover but the rest must be disposed once removed from the case.

RVX01 arrives with a price-tag of £65 GBP / $80 USD which represents good value for money. RVX01 offers a strong feature-set and also comes with a trio of Air Penetrators so we think the asking price is certainly fair.

The RVX01 is a fine commencement for the new RAVEN X Series – SilverStone has supplied a small but capable chassis which continues to deliver the trademark RAVEN cooling performance.


+ Stylish design
+ Excellent cooling performance
+ Three cooling fans included
+ Condensed but can still house high-end kit

- Installation can be tricky
- Disposable PCI covers
- Cable management is tough

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