Speedlink OMNIVI Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-12-16

Product on Review: Speedlink OMNIVI
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Speedlink
Street Price: UK: 54.99, US: $69.99

This is the second optical mouse Speedlink has released recently, and like the Decus Respec that we have viewed recently, the OMNIVI jumps on board with the latest technology and utilises the Pixart 3360 optical sensor. This should inherently provide gamers with high performance, pixel precise tracking with a resolution of up to 12,000DPI.

As with the Decus Respec, we see a return of that lush, metallic red, rubber surface. The OMNIVI seems like it is more targeting MMO gamers with its 10 programmable buttons, including 4 side buttons that includes a sniper and rapid fire option, 2 additional buttons on top (set to control volume by default) as an on-the-fly DPI toggle. Visually the OMNIVI has some extreme shaping, at the bottom is a wide aluminium base plate, which is then shaped with steep sides and swooping curves. To finish it off, it also has some unique LED lighting effects.

Overview by Speedlink
The OMNIVI Gaming Mouse combines feature-packed functionality, ease of use and incredible precision in one perfect package. It is setting new standards in the gaming scene with its exhaustive feature set, including colourful glow, solid aluminium base plate, four thumb buttons and the ultra-precise, optical 12,000dpi sensor. Use the ten programmable buttons to keep your opponents at bay by utilising the extensive programming function to customise the mouse so your personal gaming style matches the game. And witness how your macros are unleashed at the press of a single button to perform close-combat or distance attacks, switch weapons or cast spells.

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