Speedlink OMNIVI Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-12-16

After reviewing the Decus Respec, we had high hopes for the OMNIVI that features the decidedly superior Pixart 3360 sensor. The construction and finish is top notch, and it would be fair to say that the metallic red, rubberised coating is one of the most attractive finishes out there. There are other things that help the OMNIVI stand out too, including a solid aluminium baseplate, 10 programmable buttons and the interesting lighting implementation.

On first impression, the OMNIVI looks and feels like an insanely good gaming mouse, but then there are various things that really drag it down. First up was the software. The GUI is easy to navigate and make sense of, though the disadvantage to not working with a unified software driver, is the lack of consistency. The GUI is completely different to that we observed with the Decus Respec. The performance controls were non-existent other than DPI and polling rate adjustments. The Macro Recorder was inferior, the lighting is sub-par with its 7 colour limitation and no real customisable effects. Next is the shape and general design, which is a hybrid mish-mash of an ambidextrous footprint that was then deformed with steep curves and a huge base. The real deal breaker however is the sensor positioning which has effectively messed up what would otherwise been a flawless implementation of the Pixart 3360 sensor.

Considering the price, it isn't unreasonable due to having the 3360 optical sensor as well as being of sound construction. However, it is more suited to the causal gamer that uses a palm grip than it is for the more serious or competitive gamer.

The OMNIVI looks fantastic and is equipped with one of the leading optical sensors, but it is let down in its indecisiveness as to which market this gaming mouse was intended for.

+ Attractive aesthetics, lush textured surface
+ Solid construction
+ Jitter free, responsive optical sensor
+ 10 programmable buttons

- On the heavier side (145g)
- LED lighting lacks detailed customisation
- Strange ergonomics
- Side buttons too far apart
- Software is missing various performance features
- Poorly placed sensor

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