Speedlink QUINOX Pro USB Gamepad Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-11-16
Closer Look

The D-pad has independent buttons similar to the Wildcat. The OLED screen in positioned in the centre bottom region for clear viewing.

The Quinox thumbsticks do not seem to be replaceable so if you want longer thumbsticks for more control (as some may prefer for racing games etc.) you are out of luck. Though the standard height thumbsticks are more universal and will be appreciated by most.

The base near the OLED screen features two controller dials which can be pressed or flicked left and right to navigate the menu.

The top side features two analogue triggers, two bumpers and two additional programmable buttons.

The underside of the controller features four shortened paddles which are also programmable. As they are shorter than that found on other controllers like the Xbox Elite, you are less likely to press them by accident, or when placing the controller down on your desk or elsewhere. You will also note the two switches, one swaps between X and D, (Xinput and Direct Input) the other simply states on/off but through trial and error I discovered it turns on/off the vibration.

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