Speedlink QUINOX Pro USB Gamepad Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-11-16

Gamepads featuring additional buttons or paddles at the back almost feels like cheating due to the advantage it can provide. This is because you can perform actions and motions which would otherwise be impossible without letting go of the right thumbstick. Though not a new principle, the current choices are fairly limited to the likes of the SCUF controller, Xbox Elite controller, and a few other offerings. Even compared to these choices, the Quinox hits hard with some neat little tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it have two profiles you can toggle between on-the-fly, it also features a macro mode that can give a game-breaking advantage.

Considering that the Quinox is actually half the price of the Wildcat and the Xbox Elite gamepads, you start to realise the value that Speedlink Quinox is offering, making it that little bit more awesome. So what are the downsides?

Firstly, it only officially supports PC/Windows and is sold as such. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as PC gamers wanting a high quality gamepad are often stuck with the current Microsoft gamepad. Though things are changing, especially since Sony have now added official DualShock 4 support to Windows, widening the choice for PC gamers. Keeping this in mind both the MS Xbox One gamepad and the Sony DS4 are both wireless and are of high quality construction. The Quinox doesn't feel like it meets that standard with some buttons feeling a little stiff and clicky, while the Start and Back button feel too squishy. Finally, its vibrations are rather weak and could do with improvement.

All things considered, it is worth noting caution towards how robust the Quinox is and we wonder how long it can take the bashing of a hardcore gamer before something gives. Though on reflection, many gamepads suffer from these same doubts and it is something even the 'quality' official console controllers struggle with (Hence the base 90 day warranty on the Xbox One controller). So it is difficult to judge how the Quinox will stand the test of time.

Despite all that, it is hard to deny that Speedlink have something special with the Quinox as it provides the competitive advantage that gamers want at half the price of the major alternatives and in our testing, it certainly didn't let us down.

With its game breaking features, the Quinox is a stunning choice if you want more than just a run-of-the-mill gamepad.

+ Attractive LED lighting
+ Xinput and Direct Input
+ Macro recording
+ 6 additional programmable buttons
+ Comfortable
+ Lightweight
+ Price

- Vibration could be stronger
- Some buttons could be improved
- PC only support

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