SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-11-23
SteelSeriesí design language really appeals to us here, the simplicity of the structure, with the in-depth efforts to make the headset as comfortable as possible really shines through during testing.

Looking at the headset from a build quality and comfort perspective, we canít score it any higher, comfort is absolutely on the button, even for extended periods of time, and construction quality is exceptional, no expense has been spared on the materials and fit and finish of the headset and GameDAC.

Audio quality is another strong suit of the Nova Pro, it does everything incredibly well, films, games, music, talking to your friends online, whatever you want, itís all top notch and sounds fantastic. Having said that, the GameDAC does let the side down a little bit, itís evidently not as good as it could be, with the MacBook Air 2020 (M1) out-performing the GameDAC and the motherboard in the test system (MSI MEG X570 ACE) being comparable in quality. Weíd like to see why the GameDAC didnít perform as we expected, we tried various different settings, different USB ports, driver reinstalls, nothing worked. Now, donít let that put you off too much, the audio quality is still fantastic, it could just be a little better.

The microphone isnít going to set any records, itís sufficient for the needs of the headset, clarity is decent, it folds away if you donít want to use it, it filters out environmental noise reasonably well, itís justÖ ok, but thatís perfectly fine by us, if you want better voice quality, purchase a separate microphone, you arenít going to get ďbroadcast qualityĒ from any gaming headset.

Testing a headset is a lengthy process which requires extensive use during gaming, whilst listening to music, YouTube videos, films, as well as use on multiple devices, itís all such a hassle, you know? Of course, Iím joking, the Nova Pro has been a true pleasure to test, excelling in all areas, we can happily recommend this headset to any potential buyer.

Solid materials and build quality, excellent audio reproduction, decent microphone, looks fantastic, great software, itís the whole package.

+ Solid construction
+ Sublime comfort
+ Looks great
+ Respectable microphone performance
+ Excellent software suite

- GameDAC didnít perform as well as we expected

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